Cheer Bows & Pointed Toes
My gym is getting choreography from Jamie Parrish on Thursday :D
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Anonymous: Is it true that guys are not allowed to fly..?

No. Males can fly.

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Huge shout out to all the cheerleaders serving our country. You’re the tea.
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words can’t describe how badly I would kill to be an SEC football cheerleader. 
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And of course a shout out to the bases!
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2013-2014 Worlds teams at Gymtyme!


Platinum - Medium Coed5
Rouge - Small Sr 5
Maroon5 - Small Coed 5
Pink - International All Girl 5
Black - International Open Coed 5
Ebony - International Open Coed 6
Ivory - International All Girl 6

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Requesetd by sjs-riley 
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